Kindful, Inc.

SRE/Devops Manager • October, 2019 — October, 2020

Led team responsible for SRE and devops for a large non-profit CRM SaaS platform and managed a small Data Services/Import team.

  • Supervised devops tooling for development process/improvements, including:
    • Rollout of kubernetes cluster of dev/QA environments to replace old single-instance docker QA env
    • Worked with lead dev to move from CircleCI to GH Actions as prerequisite to speed up testsuite and prep for improving test coverage
  • Oversaw SRE maintenance and improvements to Ruby on Rails SaaS platform in GCP:
    • Introduced terraform for any new infrastructure deployment (previous infrastructure was hand-rolled)
    • Wrote some GCP SDK tooling for inventorying/cost auditing
    • Introduced ansible for both config management and one-off bulk config changes (previous infrastructure was all hand-configured with ruby scripts)
    • Implemented opsgenie and proper on-call rotation
    • Implemented statuspage for outages/downtime and coordination with support team.
    • Upgraded Postgres to 9.11
  • Worked with CTO and VP of Engineering to guide development process improvements:
    • Initiated and facilitated transition of workforce to remote working
    • Planned for large rails migration to recent version
    • Recommended extensive test coverage improvement as prerequisite to this upgrade
    • Recruiting/talent acquisition
  • Managed small Data Services team:
    • Managed small team of data services for importing new customer data.
    • Improved tooling and process improvements both to spreadsheet/csv intake and small ruby app to do data sanitization and import
  • Managerial duties for both teams, including 1:1 meetings, reviews, and feedback.

MoreCommerce, Inc.

Director of IT/Security • September, 2015 — September, 2019

Led team responsible for both devops/systems automation and security improvements for a large suite of e-commerce products.

  • Revamped and maintained traditional baremetal (leased) production web app platform
    • Juniper networking (redundant core routers, switches, firewalls)
    • BigIP F5 for L4-L7 security/filtering, load-balancing
    • MDS SAN switch cluster
    • EMC VNX storage arrays
    • VMWare Vsphere for virtualization
    • Clusters of nodes for:
      • Frontend web nodes (NGINX)
      • App nodes (PHP/Symfony)
      • MySQL and Mongo DB clusters
      • Queuing/caching (redis, rabbitmq, et al)
      • Misc/utility - cron, jenkins, CI tooling
      • Data warehouse -- massive reporting/analytics storehouse for combined MySQL/mongo data
  • Built and managed non-production development/operational architecture
    • Built/maintained Nashville data center for development environments (largely smaller replica of above architecture with xencenter for virtualization)
    • Extensive tunnelling (IPSEC) between prod, dev, office networks
    • Maintained and supported legacy (Juniper SSL-based) VPN access
  • Refactored config management from antiquated/disorganized puppet3 to puppet4+hiera following modern best practices as prerequisite for migrating to Alibabacloud
  • Replaced antiquated proprietary java/SSL vpn w/ redundant openvpn and greatly pared down and restricted unnecessary IPSEC tunnelling
  • Migrated production architecture (largely intact) to alibabacloud using new puppet4 tooling and terraform
  • Built out more securely segmented VPCs for development and intranet applications
  • Migrated baremetal development architecture to alibabacloud, decommissioning nashville datacenter for cost-savings
  • Rebuilt development VM based on vagrant and puppet4 tooling to replace antiquated fixed image they were using

CentreSource, Inc.

COO • May, 2004 — September, 2015

Led an IT consulting/web development agency (30-50 employees, ~$3-5million revenue)

  • Built and ran successful managed anti-spam/virus email filtering service
    • MX record redirect service for e-mail filtering
    • Postfix MTA cluster
    • Blacklist, greylist, content-based (spamassassin, amavis/clamav, et al) filtering and quarantine
    • MySQL cluster for backend quarantine storage
    • PHP frontend for user quarantine false positive/negative management&refinement
  • Built team/tech for web app development
    • LAMP architecture
    • Symfony/Ruby on Rails framework
    • SVN and later git/github workflow
  • Pivoted to management as COO
    • Basic accounting -- P&L, balance sheet reporting, budgeting, accounts payable
    • CRM and sales pipeline tracking/analysis
    • Revenue forecasting (based on sales pipeline and project load)
    • Managed 3 person team for company operations
    • Developed project estimation, management and scheduling workflow with ERP software (Workamajig)
    • IT/devops
    • Legal -- Master Services Agreement (MSA) negotiation, individual project agreements
    • Client dispute negotiation

Education Networks of America

Systems Engineer • May, 2001 — May, 2004

Provided systems integration and network engineering for a state-wide network supporting over 250,000 computers and one million users.

  • Planned and deployed of caching server/content filters to 5 egress locations for caching and filtering of web traffic in the TN K-12 network
  • Engineered the replacement of a legacy DEC Alpha OpenVMS cluster, home to 60,000+ e-mail accounts with modern openldap/postfix/courier setup
  • Implemented primitive config management using CVS, and rancid for nameservers, routers, caching servers, and others
  • Designed and implemented a state-wide DNS hierarchy, home to nearly 500 domains, in a fully redundant, any-cast setup including two (primary and secondary) authoritative, non-recursive servers.
  • Designed / Implemented OpenBSD/pf firewall system to replace costly and broken Watchguard Firebox



  • Networking/Security: Cisco IOS, Juniper, BigIP F5, IPSEC, OpenBSD/pf, ipchains/iptables, pfsense. Familiar with standard suites of IDS and pentest software.
  • Monitoring: Nagios, Zabbix, opsgenie integration
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Debian, Redhat), OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Microsoft Windows
  • Cloud/Automation: Amazon AWS, AlibabaCloud, puppet/hiera, ansible, chef, cfengine, terraform, cloudflare
  • Programming: Perl, PHP, TCL (expect), awk/sed, Bourne and Korn shell
  • Software: Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OpenLDAP, BIND 8/9, Courier IMAP/POP, Postfix


  • Financial: P&L and balance sheet review, earnings analysis & forecasting
  • ERP: Salesforce, Workamajig
  • CRM/Sales: pipeline review & forecasting, pipedrive.com
  • Project Management: waterfall, agile, various hybrids.

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